Quick Disconnect Commercial
Kitchen Gas Connectors

We have what you need. Reliable gas equipment connections for your commercial kitchen. 

At USD Products, we continue to expand our product line to offer you a complete solution. We’re excited to introduce our new Quick Disconnect Commercial Kitchen Gas Connectors. Designed for the food service industry, these connectors are durable, safe, and easily connect appliances to a gas supply without reliance on tools. Once installed, you can connect and disconnect with ease.

Key Features

Flexible PVC coated connector, available in different sizes

  • One-handed quick disconnect
  • 90º Elbows provide flexibility during installation in tight conditions
  • Swivel Elbow helps minimize stress on the connector

Custom kits for our Quick Disconnect Commercial Kitchen Gas Connectors are available upon request. We will bring you cost savings on these products along with long-term reliability. Call Us at 714-564-9500 or email sales@usdproducts.com to place your order today.


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