NOTICE OF PRICE INCREASE Catalog September 15, 2019


USD Products is the high quality, low cost leader in nationwide wholesale distribution.

We provide packaged products and OEM/custom components to specialized manufacturers.

Brass Fittings

Full line for gas and water applications. Standard and Lead Free inventory. Barstock style available. Custom, made to order upon request.

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Gas Connectors

Available in Tranquiline (whistle-free), Stainless Steel, Yellow Coated and Black Coated.  Industry Standard sizes and custom sizes upon request. CSA Approved.  100% Factory Leak Tested. Installation Kit available upon request.

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Water Connectors

NSF/IAPMO Certified Connectors.  Appliance, Water Heater, Closet/Toilet, Kitchen/Lavatory Connectors. Installation Kits available upon request.

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Gas Valves

CSA Approved valves. 600 WOG.

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